Or Fleisher is an award-winning creative technologist, developer and artist working at the intersection of technology and storytelling.

Recent work
Experiment / Tools
Stream curated holographic video directly from Vimeo into The Looking Glass.
Augmented Reality
This 3-D Simulation Shows Why Social Distancing Is So Important.
Augmented Reality / Machine Learning / Virtual Reality / Tools
Reconstruct 2D images and video in 3D using machine learning.
Photogrammetry / Experiment / Tools
A photogrammetry reconstruction of the aftermath
Virtual Reality
A virtual reality documentary about love and lonliness.
Virtual Reality
An audio reactive virtual reality short film.
Experiment / Tools
Playback and live stream volumetric video hosted on Vimeo.
Augmented Reality / Machine Learning
Step inside Pulp Fiction's iconic dance scene using augmented reality.
Virtual Reality
A cosmic webVR music performance
Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality / Tools
A WebVR plugin for rendering volumetric video.
Machine Learning / Tools
Edit and retouch any image in 2.5D.
Augmented Reality / Machine Learning / Experiment
Predict how long people have to live in augmented reality.
Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality / Tools
Render 6DoF equirectangular 360 images and videos with depthmaps
Virtual Reality
Compose music in virtual reality using objects
An installation about design.
Augmented Reality / Machine Learning / Experiment
Imagine what would happen if Twitter intruded our everyday augmented reality.
Remix Israel's decleration of independance to fit your world views
Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality / Tools
Easily stream your Vimeo videos into Unity or record and publish out to Vimeo
Experiments / Tools
detune allows users to play music using face impressions.
Virtual Reality / Tools
An AFrame component for rendering volumetric video in WebVR
Machine Learning / Tools
Predict joints and human skeleton position from real-time video.
A 3D web audio sound visulaizer.
The sound of a protest.
Render volumetric video in Max/MSP.
A different modular synth system.

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