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Personal information

Name: Or Fleisher

Email: contact@orfleisher.com


Short bio

Based in NYC, I am a creative technologist, developer, artist working at the intersection of technology and storytelling. Combining computer graphics, web development and immersive experience development in virtual, augmented and mixed realities.

I started my career as a sound designer and musician. After working in audio post-production for a few years I attended Tel Aviv University film school and started coding, designing and releasing interactive storytelling driven experiences.

Upon graduation, I co-founded Phenomena Labs an award-winning visual effect and interaction design studio. I worked as a creative and technical director designing, developing and executing interactive experiences. I am a graduate of the Tisch School of the Arts, New York University. Currently, I am the Principle Creative Technologist at Vimeo Labs and Co-Founder at Volume.

Things to know about me - I am an advanced coffee drinker, cat aficionado, hobbyist musician. I am passionate about cinematography and open source software.


  • New York University - M.P.S (2016-2018)

    Master’s degree, Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP)

    • Specializing in computer graphics, volumetric capturing and immersive experience development
    • Worked under Ken Perlin’s acclaimed research group, developing machine learning driven computer graphics software, which was featured in tech magazines, such as Wired
    • Worked as a creative coder under Gabe Barcia Columbo developing an interactive installation for SXSW
  • Tel Aviv University - B.A. (2011-2014)

    Bachelor of Arts, Film and television

    • Seminar research in interactive storytelling titled "The Choices we Hear" examining the use of sound in interactive narrative works.
  • Future Rhythm - Expert Certification (2010)

    Official Avid Expert Certificates in Pro Tools (310M, 310P)

    • Graduated from Future Rhythm, a certified Avid training facility earning 310M and 310P expert certificates.
    • Avid’s Pro Tools™ HD expert curriculum in music production and post-production.

Work experience

  • Principle Creative Technologist - Vimeo (2018-Current)

  • VR Research Fellow - Viacom (2017)

    • Designed and developed a web based Virtual Reality narrative experience currently in submission to festivals.
    • Collabrated in weekly feedback sessions about look-development and technical feedback.
    • Presented the project in a private Virtual Reality showcase at Viacom's NY headquarters, also covered by tech websites (e.g UploadVR).
  • Co-Founder - Phenomena Labs (2010-2016)

    • Co-Founded an award winning visual effects and interaction design studio with Ronen Tanchum and Guy Fleisher.
    • Directed, developed and published 5 Virtual Reality titles in Oculus, GearVR and WebVR app stores, featured in prestigious international festivals such as Cannes Festival, Game Developers Conference, SIGGRAPH and SXSW
    • Received awards such as Design and Art Direction, Urban MediaMakers Best Interactive, Worldfest NASA Remi Award, FWA, Awwwards and CSS Design Awards
  • Sound Supervisor - Rishon Hall of Arts (2009-2010)

    • Sound design and mixing of performances ranging from art installations and theatre to dance groups.
    • Daily maintanance of gear and stock.
    • Specification sheet preperations and forigen performances coordinator.
  • Recording Engineer - Savion Studios (2006-2008)

    • Preparing, tracking, editing and pre-mixing music recording sessions.
    • Overseeing and operating the rehearsal spaces.
    • Recruit and train new staff members.

Workshops & talks

  • Volumetric Accessibility with Vimeo - Volumetric Filmmaking Meetup (2018)
    This talk (2:08:40) by Casey Pugh, head of Creator Labs at Vimeo, presents the work we have been doing in volumetric video distribution and live streaming.

  • Making music with social data - ITP Camp, New York University (2018) This workshop was focused on creating generative music with Twitter data (Twitter API) using Node.js, Express and Web Audio API (Tone.js)

  • From Tzina to Volume - Volumetric Filmmaking Meetup (2018) A talk in the first Volumetric Filmmaking Meetup in NYC about creating Tzina and how it led to developing Volume

  • Volume - Thesis presentation, New York University (2018) My master's thesis presentation at the Interactive Telecommunications Program, Tisch School of the Arts, NYU

  • Volume - HyperCinema - New York University (2018) A workshop about using Volume in Unity3D to create augmented and virtual reality experiences. The workshop took part at IMA, New York University as a part of a class called HyperCinema taught by Prof. Gabe BC

  • Counter Histories, Alternative Narratives - Magnum Foundation (2018) A presentation and demonstration of Volume in front of Magnum Foundation's current research residents. The presentation took place in Columbia University's Brown Institue for Media Innovation

  • Making music with data - NYC Media Lab (2017) This workshop was focused on creating generative music with Twitter data (Twitter API) using Node.js, Express and Web Audio API (Tone.js)

  • Volumetric capture using DepthKit - ITP Camp, New York University (2016) The goal of this workshop was to learn hands-on how to use DepthKit's software (with a Kinect and a DSLR) to capture a human performance as a volumetric capture and to render it in Unity.

  • Interactive Film (roundtable) - Anilouge Animation Festival (2015) A roundtable about current possibilities in film-making, virtual reality and interactive storytelling

  • Animating with MIDI - Budapest University (2015) During Anilouge Animation Festival I conducted a workshop in Budapest University's Interaction Design department about using MIDI in real-time to drive animations and visual effects in WebGL.


  • Spoken Languages: English, Hebrew.
  • Team player who strives for a collabrative work atmosphere.
  • Strong networking affinity, with great personal and social skills.
  • High tenure under deadlines, with an ability to multitask and simplify problems, finding creative and technical solutions in variegated situations.
  • Ability to communicate simple and complex issues in a clear and concice way.

Technical skills

  • Graphics programmer experienced with WebGL, 2D Canvas, OpenGL and advanced shader programming (GLSL, HLSL).
  • Extensive knowledge in Virtual and Augmented Reality content development (WebVR, WebAR, ARKit, Unity for Rift, Vive and GearVR).
  • Graphics Libraries: Three.js, openFrameworks, GLEW, GLFW, JUCE
  • Software: Unity, TouchDesigner, Nuke, Avid MC, Adobe Creative Cloud, Blender, Octane Renderer, Vue, Pro-Tools, Ableton Live, Max/MSP/Jitter.
  • Programming languages: Javascript (ES5/ES6), C++, C#, Swift, python, HTML5, CSS3D
  • Further knowledge in Depth sensing and 3D scanning, Frontend development, Node.js, Express.js, Websockets, Arduino programming, Raspberry Pi programming, Machine learning (tensorflow, CoreML), PCB design, electronics.



  • WorldFest- NASA Remi Award winner - Livyatanim: MYTH
  • UrbamMediaMakers Best Interactive Award - Livyatanim: MYTH
  • FWA - Website of the Day - Livyatanim: MYTH
  • CSS Winner - Site of the Day - Livyatanim: MYTH
  • CSS Awards - Website of the Day - Livyatanim: MYTH
  • Awwwards – Honorable Mention - Livyatanim: MYTH
  • Communication Arts - Webpicks - Livyatanim: MYTH
  • CSS Design Awards - Special Kodus - Livyatanim: MYTH
  • DesignAwards.Asia - Design of the Day - Livyatanim: MYTH
  • Awwwards – Honorable Mention - Tzina
  • CSS Design Awards - Special Kodus - Tzina
  • CSS Winner - Tzina
  • CSS Awards - Site of the Day - 1948
  • Awwwards - Honorable Mention - 1948
  • CSS Design Awards - Audience Award for Best Innovation - 1948
  • CSS Design Awards - Audience Award for UI Design - 1948
  • CSS Design Awards - Audience Award for Best UX Design - 1948
  • CSS Design Awards - Special Kodus - 1948
  • Tisch School of the Arts scholarship
  • Red Burns scholarship
  • Viacom NEXT VR research fellowship
  • ITP & Google XStory rersearch grant





Open Source

  • librealsense - Contributed a community project to the examples section
  • three.js - An interactive depth displacement effect for images using depth maps
  • Vimeo - Depth Viewer - An OpenGL depth viewer and cleaner with a fully modular GUI
  • Vimeo - Depth Player - A WebGL volumetric video renderer for video hosted on Vimeo
  • DepthKit.js - A plugin for rendering DepthKit volumteric video using Three.js in WebGL.
  • DepthKit for A-Frame - An A-Frame component for rendering DepthKit volumetric videos in WebVR. The A-Frame component wraps DepthKit.js which is a small library that provides the same functionality for Three.js projects.
  • ReTouch - ReTouch is an OpenGL application that enables editing and retouching of images using depth-maps in 2.5D.
  • Inside Pulp Fiction - An experiment using Volume to reconstruct Pulp Fiction's dance scene in Augmented Reality.
  • THREE.Kinectron - A Three.js plugin for rendering Kinectron feeds.
  • THREE.Webpack - A Three.js + glslify + webpack boilerplate for quick prototyping
  • THREE.Multiplayer - My boilerplate Node.js server and client setup for Three.js multiplayer projects using Socket.io.
  • Awesome Volumetric Filmmaking - A curated resource for all things pertaining to volumetric filmmaking.
  • Threaded Depth Cleaner - Threaded depth-map cleaning and inpainting using OpenCV.