Death Mask

Director & Developer


‘Death-Mask’ predicts how long people have to live and overlays that in the form of a “clock” above they’re heads in augmented reality. The project uses a machine learning model titled AgeNet for the prediction process. Once predicted it uses the average life expectancy in that location to try and estimate how long one has left.

The aesthetic inspiration derives from the concept of death masks. These are sculptures meant to symbolize the death of a person by casting his face into a sculpture (i.e mask).

The experiment uses ARKit to render the visual content in augmented reality on an iPad and CoreML to run the machine learning model in real-time. The project is by no means an accurate representation of one’s life expectancy and is more oriented towards the examination of public information in augmented reality in the age of deep learning.


Developed by: Or Fleisher & Anastasis Germanidis